Vaerens Presents


AI driven decision making
for horticulture lighting

Artificial intelligence powered insights based on objective data offering a grounded basis for making crucial decisions about crop lighting.

Who are we

What sets us apart

We are on a mission to drive artificial intelligence and big data solutions
into the hands of horticulture experts across the globe

Cloud based solution

Available anywhere, anytime from mobile, tablet or desktop. Fluently scalable for enterprise application.

Unique Insights

Our optimisation algorithms are capable of efficiently exploring uncommon growth conditions and providing new insights into innovative lighting conditions.

Collaboration with horticulturalists

Crops and lighting solutions have different technical decisions making processes. Luma is designed to respond to these needs.

Objective output

Predictions are driven by unbiased data; providing an objective component in the process of cultivation decision making.

Inherent scalability

An architecture designed and created by a team of leading industry product engineers; unlimited scalability is one of our core design principles.

Compare spectra

Tooling to enable the comparison of lighting condition effects on crop development.

AI first solution

We are an AI first technology startup. This means all our products are designed from the start to maximize artificial intelligence implementation.

Instant and cost-effective

Insights into optimised lighting solution with the click of a button; only a fraction of the cost of a dedicated research trial.

Effective lighting choices are central to successful indoor crop cultivation

Luma PRO offers horticulture experts freedom from constrained decision making: establishing a standard in available data; without the high cost of customised research or commercial bias.

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Data farming

How does it work


In collaboration with farmers, Vaerens grows crops indoors under strictly controlled conditions


Imaging and sensory data is harvested from the crops; deep learning analysis is applied


Iterations of data farming cycles are optimised by an artificial intelligence driven tuning strategy


The harvested data is used to train artificial intelligence models to make predictions about optimised growth conditions

At this stage, we are preparing Luma PRO
for a select group of pilot partners

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About Us

Traditional symbolic programming alone has its limits in its ability to handle a high degree of complexity that comes with growing crops in a controlled environment. Artificial intelligence offers the opportunity to create new solutions for crop cultivation where we use algorithms to analyse and manage the complexity of biological systems.

Vaerens as a startup is specialised to approach horticulture from a perspective of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Our team is on a mission to build a company that creates new sustainable agriculture technologies on the intersection of data science, computer science and biology. Key characteristics for our designs are scalability and commercial viability.

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We embrace collaboration as the hallmark of progress and innovation;
in that spirit we are open to any suggestion, question and ideas for collaboration you might have.

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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands